Nebraska Young Adult Alcohol Opinion Survey 2010 - 2016 State Summary Report

Nebraska Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Report for 2016
Nebraska BRFSS data are used at the state and local levels to identify emerging health problems, establish and track health objectives, and develop, implement, and evaluate a broad array of disease prevention activities.  BRFSS data are one of the most important sources of health information in the state, and continue to serve as a foundation for state and local-level planning efforts.  This link will take you to the DHHS website for the complete report.

Nebraska Crash Data from the Department of Transportation, Highway Safety Office
Charts and graphs for alcohol-related crashes for high school age under the link Older & Younger Drivers. Also, check out charts and graphs under the link Alcohol /Drug-Related.

Nebraska Risk and Protective Factor Student Survey

Nebraska Department of Transportation, Highway Safety Office Annual Report and Highway Safety Plans

Nebraska Traffic Crash Facts Annual Reports

Nebraska Adolescents: 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results for Nebraska