Bring Your You Game

You’re standing tall. Living your dreams. Making your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and friends proud of your accomplishments. You’re achieving, aspiring, awe-inspiring. You’re Bringing Your Best You Game. Don’t let a mistake due to binge drinking or smoking marijuana stall your potential and control your destiny. Rise above. Join millions of college students who are pledging to make smart decisions — every weekend, every day — about alcohol and substance use.

Learn the Facts

Too often we assume that alcohol and college life go hand in hand. The reality is that the vast majority of college students across the state of Nebraska either choose not to drink or do so responsibly. College students note their personal beliefs, academic priorities, work, relationships and long-term goals as just a few of the reasons they either choose not to drink or do so responsibly.

Make the Call

The Good Samaritan Law encourages minors to call 911 when they suspect an alcohol overdose without fear of receiving an MIP (minor in possession). A revised version of the law, protecting both the intoxicated minor and the caller went into effect .